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10 sites to get inspired and set to work

Whatever you do, you might be familiar with an awful feeling of inspirational devastation, when you can't do even a simple thing. Instead of looking at a blank screen, open up our list and fish for inspiration.

10 sites to get inspired and set to work

The best way to follow these sites is to use RSS-reader. Then the inspiration is always in one click from you. Though don't forget that watching and reading these projects is only an impulse to begin your work and not the work itself.

This is a web-site where people add anything they like without any particular reason. Lovely cats, cute girls with tattoos, exquisite business cards or horror movies frames glued in a .gif - you can find here a lot of unexpected things. Think twice before plunging into the site itslef instead of reading RSS-feed because it'ы hard to come up -  there is a link under each photo which leads to other photos of this author, and beneath there are links of those who liked it and so on, links without end.

Here you will find interesting works in graphic design. There is a special section - Daily Inspiration. It gathers in one place works which were received during the day - typography and graphic design mainly. Sometimes it's useful to go to the Best of the Week - here you will find sites on black background, for example, or a collection of logotypes with a geometric theme. is a collection of posts that are connected to fashion but are not the tiptop fashion news. They are mainly on fashion-illustration, fashion-photography and conceptional objects. From time to time you can come accross a post about new music album, for example, Bibio, whom you can add to you summer playlist. 

This blog is all about tender photos which praise the beauty of a naked body, mainly female. But it's a shame that new photos appear so rarely. 

This site doesn't have the best design in the world but it shouldn't bother you, just add it to your RSS-reader. Every day you will get interesting information about illustrations, typography and other graphic stuff. 

When you need a gulp of fresh air, visit You will find a fine collection of web-sites with minimal design and pixels of white space. 

Jak&Jill adores clothes and passes out on seeing a pair of yellow suede shoes.     

Typography Daily is all about typography and new fonts.

And is about trends in typography - who and where and how uses that font and how it looks on the product.

The last but not the least that collects stuff of different kinds: you can find here a chair a la modern or a strange cartoon. This site is a godsend. Things you find here you won't find on other sites. 

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