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Cinema Friday / Elle s'appelait Sarah

Each Thursday we tell you about a movie that caught our attention and which you might like to watch Friday evening. If you are home alone and in a quiet mood, it's time to spend a cozy little evening with a cup of tea and a good movie by your side. This time it is "Elle s'appelait Sarah" or "Sarah's Key" in USA release.

Cinema Friday / Elle s'appelait Sarah

I make no secret of the fact that we decided to watch this movie because of Kristin Scott Thomas. Her adorable British accent, bright eyes and vivid eyebrows make her the epicentre of every frame she's in and everytime there's her name in the credits the movie promises to be a succes. This one wasn't an exception.

The Holocaust theme is one of the most difficult drama conflicts in the cinema industry. Because there is always a danger to a director to turn his picture into a massacre of St. Bartholomew. Such movies make a strong impact on the audience by the easiest means - a feeling of compassion. The director of "Sarah's Key", Gilles Paquet-Brenner, goes another way, he chooses to follow the path of a modest and sincere drama without any physiological details. It makes the movie more human: we empathize but don't turn to poor feelings of fear and pity.
I feel that I have no right to keep you waiting. You just need to watch this movie

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