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Two great programs for keeping notes and making plans

Just like us you might like paper notebooks: pages smell like dark chocolate, covers look cute and it gives you an unspeakable pleasure to listen to the pen creaking on paper. But the moment you decide to move to a new apartment you face a dilemma: either you leave all those numerouse precious moleskines behind or you let them conquer half of your bedroom. That's when you start seeking an escape of the paper captivity.

Two great programs for keeping notes and making plans

First of all, your paper notes easily get lost or wear out. Second, your paper notebook is not always nearby when you need it most, and that's why some essential thoughts that across your mind once get lost forever. Third, there are notes of a non-vital importance (like everyday to-do lists) and there's no sense to keep them for a lifetime, but it is always so painful to trash "a beautiful organizer bought in Rome"... Fourth.., but let's stop here, those three reasons are quite enough to reconsider your relations with paper notebooks.  

Well, our hero number one is Evernote. I won't tell you all the lovely things about it because the video on Evernote's site will do it better. But I should say that this program is a true rescuer, that works both on Mac and iPhone. This multimedia notebook does voice recording, recognizes text on pictures, tags notes, has a cute interface and is absolutely free. Well, they have a premium version for , but on my opinion basic version has everything one needs. In one click you can take a picture of a restaurant sign or geotag a book shop so that you could easily find it later. But the greatest Evernote's advantage is that it synchronizes with a server, and all your records and road trip notes stay still if your HD goes nuts.

Another useful program,  iGTD , is an essential solution for those who has numerous tasks and plans and don't know how to keep them all together. This program collects them all in one place, you can rate a task, assign it to a project, write a note for it, and set a reminder. 

Now you can keep everything together - nothing will be lost.

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