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Cinema Friday: "Detachment"

This movie is about love. Love in a huge meaning of this word. And I think it's more about the lack of love we face nowadays… 

Cinema Friday:

Cinema Friday / "La source des femmes"

Beauty in every moment of this movie - colors, music, language, actors, director's work... It inspires immediately to make something that beautiful. 

Cinema Friday /

Cinema Friday: "Traceless" / "Sans laisser de traces"

A movie that holds you all the way about a successful young man who got a bad luck to meet his old friend one day. Benoit Magimel is at his best as always. 

Cinema Friday:

Cinema Friday / Quartier Lointain

This movie is ideal for a calm and tender evening with a cup of cacao in the hand, on the sofa in a company of close friends. Or maybe alone.

Cinema Friday / Quartier Lointain

Cinema Friday / Elle s'appelait Sarah

Each Thursday we tell you about a movie that caught our attention and which you might like to watch Friday evening. If you are home alone and in a quiet mood, it's time to spend a cozy little evening with a cup of tea and a good movie by your side. This time it is "Elle s'appelait Sarah" or "Sarah's Key" in USA release.

Cinema Friday / Elle s'appelait Sarah


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